Who am I?  I am also Linda Mooney, author of award winning and best selling sensuous romance with a sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal flair.

What you have here is my "naughty twin". She who writes sweet, silly, sexy, sinful, sharp, sultry, smart, sassy, and seductive romance stories. Stories that are a bit harder and edgier. Stories that push boundaries. Stories that contain language not found in my other books.

Why do I write these kinds of erotic stories?  I believe that inside every woman is a creature of exquisite taste and insatiable appetites.  All women bow to their needs in some fashion or another.  Me, I put my dreams and desires down in words and stories.

I write erotic romance with a twist.  Yet, at the same time, I write romance because deep down we all want the promise of a possible Happily Ever After.

Why should you buy my books?  My stories will either make you smile or perhaps laugh.  You'll be intrigued, you will be tempted, and hopefully you will come back for more.

Regardless, you will enjoy.  That much I can promise.